About Us

Deed Indeed Foundation is a non-profit organization registered under the Bombay Public Trusts Act, 1950, India. At Deed Indeed, we believe that every individual must give back their share to society, by way of performing a Deed. Deeds are for both, people with time and people without.

For people with time:

We partner with other non-profit organizations working with volunteers in various states across the country. By creating a large network of partner NGO's, Deed Indeed has a wide range of possibilities on offer for volunteers all over the world to help and contribute in the efficient manner. We have six categories with wonderful organisations working towards a common goal:

  • Education,
  • Sport,
  • Animal Welfare,
  • Environment,
  • Healthcare & Sanitation,
  • Food & Shelter,

We believe in encouraging individuals to give back to society, in the smallest and the most efficient manner. Come be a part of our success story! View Opportunities

For people with no time:

Deed Indeed lists a new Deed every week. It takes all of 5 minutes a week to perform it, but the impact is unimaginable! So go ahead, Pledge a Deed today!

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